Higer Bus Wins Two Awards in the Ceremony of "China on Four Wheels"

Recently,the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Industry Cooperation & Development Conferencehosted by China Automotive News came to a successful conclusion. The KLQ6127 Touristand KLQ6106 Azure of Higer Bus won the awards of "Tourism Pioneer"and "Green Energy Saver" respectively at the annual ceremony of"2023 China on Four Wheels — Traveling Globally with Responsibility",an important part of the Conference.

Two models for two awards.KLQ6127 Tourist inherits the exquisite craftsmanship of SCANIA·HIGER high-endbuses, with new technologies, materials and processes. It has an exclusive andelegant appearance and fine and comfortable interior trims, creating a nobleexperience with the beauty of details and endowing the high-end business travelbuses with delicate connotation.

The other model KLQ6106 Azure is the sixthgeneration of intelligent & connected bus developed by Higer based on itsmanufacturing concept of high-end buses and in-depth investigation of customerneeds. This pure electric bus integrates the cutting-edge new energy technologyand intelligent manufacturing process of Higer. Since its launch, it has soldmore than 7,500 units, which has been verified by massive data. With the layoutof Higer Bus and the cultivation of new energy market, KLQ6106 Azure has alsoactively followed the brand to go global. Nearly 500 buses have been exportedto Brazil, South Korea, Ireland, the United Kingdom and other countries andregions, bringing China's green and environmentally friendly new energy publictransportation solutions to the local areas.

At present, Higer's new energy buses areincreasingly going global, and good results have been achieved in markets suchas South Korea and Pakistan, which has a profound impact on the localtransportation, technological innovation and employment.

Higer will actively participate and fullyintegrate itself with better products andservices to make its own contribution to the promotion of regional andglobal development and prosperity.