Join Hands with Baidu! ICV Ecosystem of Higer Bus Further Expands!

On December 19, 2023, Baidu Apollo Open Platform 9.0 was officially released. Dr. Liu Mingchun, Vice President of Higer Bus Advanced Technology Research Institute, attended the release conference and participated in the discussion with ecological partners. As an in-depth partner, Higer Bus has worked closely with Baidu Apollo to accelerate the "unmanned operation" process ofcommercial vehicles and create a closed-loop application solution for intelligent & connected commercial vehicles.

As the world's leading autonomous driving and automobile intelligence platform,Baidu Apollo Open Platform 9.0 has been comprehensively upgraded in engineering, algorithms, tools and documents, accelerating the applicationim plementation for enterprise developers.

This has been reflected in the process of promoting intelligent driving of HigerBus. The new framework, algorithms and tools of Baidu Apollo Open Platform have been integrated into the autonomous operation vehicle solution jointly developed by Higer Bus and Baidu to develop platform-based autonomous operation vehicles, including autonomous sweepers, autonomous express vehicles and autonomous vending vehicles, which can well meet the closed-loop application needs ofdevelopers.

At the 29th ITS World Congress held in October 2023, Higer Bus made its debut withan all-star lineup of autonomous buses, autonomous vending vehicles and autonomoussweepers to receive guests from all over the world.

The launch of the first generation of G-BOS IOV in 2010 marked the beginning ofChina's bus IOV. Higer Bus has been continuously investing in the field ofintelligent connection for more than ten years since its research ondrive-by-wire chassis in 2014.

At present, Higer Bus has successfully upgraded its products such as autonomousMiniBus, L4 autonomous buses and autonomous low-speed operation vehicles.Hundreds of intelligent driving vehicles have been put into demonstration andcommercial operation on public roads and scenic spot roads in Shanghai,Tianjin, Zhejiang, Suzhou, Wuxi and other provinces and cities, and have been used in major international sports events such as the 19th Asian Games inHangzhou.

On the one hand, Higer Bus, an industry-leading enterprise deeply engaged in R&D and manufacturing of commercial vehicles, better understands users' needs; on the other hand, Baidu Apollo has a strong Internet foundation,world-leading autonomous driving technology and patents, and stronger software development and application innovation capabilities. "We look forward to continuing to work closely with Apollo to jointly promote the development ofthe autonomous driving industry," Liu Mingchun said.

In fact, Higer Bus has cooperated with Huawei and China Mobile, and jointly launched city-level application projects of 5G IOV with multiple units. Now,Baidu Apollo has joined the cooperation list, further expanding the ICVecosystem of Higer Bus.

Adhering to the concept of open innovation, Higer Bus is promoting deep industry integration and taking the lead in transforming into a supplier of ICVtransportation solutions.