Eight hours, 960 samples. Here Comes Higer's Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicle

Asudden epidemic has made 2020 an unforgettable and heavy year in the longhistory. At the same time, it has also inspired China's thinking and reform on publichealth and infectious disease detection and prevention.

At theChinaPublic Health Summit Forum, the mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle jointlydeveloped and produced by Higer bus, Nanjing Medical University and Nanjing Hanwei PublicHealth Research Institute Co., Ltd. made its debut. The fully automatic,high-throughput, intelligent, multi-functional and mobile nucleic aciddetection vehicle will complement the fixed nucleic acid detection scenarios,greatly improving the efficiency of China's new crown epidemic screening, and furtheringbreakthroughs in public health and preventive medicine. Higer's first nucleicacid detectionvehicle officially went offline in August this year, which is the first batchof nucleic acid detectionvehicles in China.

It isunderstood that this nucleic acid detection vehicle can meet thewhole process of body temperature detection, identity information collection,sample collection and detection, and sample transfer. In addition to thedriving area, the whole car is divided into the detection area for samplecollection and the clean area for test results, which are isolated and sealedfrom each other, equipped with independent air conditioning and transmissionpipeline respectively, to meet the integrated operation of item transfer. Asthe smallest mobile P2 laboratory in China, this model can be driven with a C1 driver'slicense, and four people can carry out testing work. It can pass through ruralroads, urban lanes and residential areas.

Comparedwith the traditional detection scene, the new nucleic acid detection vehicle isflexible and maneuverable. It can be deployed at any time in"wartime" and arrive at the area to be detected in time, which is convenienceand efficiency withlow operation difficulty. As a supplementary medical ability,"peacetime" can be used for routine physical examination, infectiousdisease detection and so on. As soon as the inspection is carried out, theintegration of sampling and detection can greatly reduce the screening time ofinfectious diseases, and 960 samples detection can be achieved in 8 hours. Thehigh-throughput detection of this project can complete the screening of newcoronal nucleic acid in a provincial city in 10 days; the full-automaticnucleic acid detection system and intelligent communication system are adoptedto reduce sample transmission and improve the speed of informationtransmission.

Higerbus has a deep accumulation in the field of medical special vehicles, and has aperfect product line of medical special vehicles. In 2018, 40 sets of Higermobile diagnosis and treatment vehicles were used as China's aid mobile clinicsin Cambodia to effectively help people in Cambodia's provinces and remote areasto solve the problem of difficult medical treatment. Higer bus also realizedthe industry initiative of setting up seven medical departments in a 12 meterbus.

As therepresentative of independent research and development of buses and coaches inChina, Higer bus has been based on the main business, continuously improvingtechnology and products, and bravely taking social responsibility. At thebeginning of this year,Higer bus resumed towork and production ahead of schedule to make negative pressure ambulances tosupport the fight against the epidemic. Now, the R&D and production ofnucleic acid detection vehicles once again show Higer’s determination andability to fully support the prevention and control of the COVID-19. Atpresent, this model has entered the stage of market promotion, and will be putinto the actual epidemic prevention work in the near future to help carry outthe COVID-19prevention and control detection in China.

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