A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You

The sales volume of HIGER buses in the UAE market continues rising, andthe number of HIGER buses in UAE has reached 1204 units. HIGER has an excellentperformance in the global market with relatively mature after-sales servicesystem. In order to establish the image of market service, to improve customers’satisfaction, the leaders of Overseas Customer Service Department of HIGER organizedan activity named ‘A Cool Summer, HIGER is With You’ in the UAE.

In March 2020, the airlines warned that all flights to UAE were about tobe grounded. Under the arrangement of HIGER leaders, Ye Changyou and YuanXinzhong, overseas after-sales service engineers, were ordered to go to UAE toassist our dealer in UAE to carry out the activity ‘‘A Cool Summer, HIGER is WithYou’. They brought our dealers, our service station and our customers in UAEfull care from HIGER, in the meantime, took a piece of cooling and refreshmentduring the extremely hot summer time to UAE customers.

After arriving at the scene in the UAE, the local government began toarrange various anti-epidemic measures as the outbreak of epidemic situation inthe UAE became more serious and critical in March. During the epidemic, YeChangyou and Yuan Xinzhong actively assisted our dealer and the service stationto change the service mode, and assisted the service station carrying outcustomer vehicle service guarantee work and preparing for the activity ‘‘A CoolSummer, HIGER is With You’ through remote technical guidance, on-sitemaintenance support, telephone communication and other service support modes.

We provided banners, brochures, air-conditioning system maintenance spareparts for the activity. During the activity, we organized discussions on allthe details of the activity for many times, also we provided customers with thetraining of air-conditioning operation, air-conditioning system inspection andmaintenance services during the period of the activity ‘‘A Cool Summer, HIGER isWith You’.

During the period when the epidemic was stable, the customers of RTAschool bus, ADNOC bus and TETAS travel customers were given air conditioning fullycheck-up from HIGER engineers and local HIGER authorized service station. Ourservice station overcame a variety of restrictions from the local governmentduring the epidemic, carried out a rapid and effective service work of AbuDhabi,which is one of our largest customers in UAE. Thelocal HIEGR authorized service station has accumulated valuable serviceexperience from this event, so that UAE customers can enjoy while UAE customerscould also reap the benefit of the care and service from HIGER. Ye Changyou andYuan Xinzhong, who assisted our dealer and our service station on site in UnitedArab Emirates, perfectly carried out the summer cooling activity, which wasrecognized and praised by our dealer and our customers in UAE.

The timely launch of this activity greatly improved the inspection andmaintenance capacity of the UAE service station about the air conditioningsystem, and helped customers to check out many potential risks of the airconditioning system. For most countries in the Middle East, the normaloperation of air conditioning systems in summer is of great significance. AsCorporate Mission says, we strive to achieve a closer distance. This activitymakes customers and service stations truly feel the responsibility of HIGER.