7250×2270×2760(3000) mm


28/25+1, 26+1

Masa total nominal

5000(5110) kg

Detalles exteriores

Detalles interiores

proinfo8.jpg proinfo9.jpg

Características técnicas

Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Front/rear wheel track(mm) 1830/1600
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1200/2250
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 160
Approach / departure angle ° 15.5/12.5
Rated total mass(kg) 7300
Maximum vehicle speed(km/h) 105
Maximum gradeability % 30
Fuel tank capacity(L) 110


Engine YC4FA130-30 (130hp, China III) /CY4102-C3C (120hp, China III)
Diaphragm spring clutch
Gearbox Home-made 5-speed gearbox
Suspension Taper leaf spring
Front axle 3T Drum-type front axle
Rear axle 4.5T Disc-type rear axle
Steering Power steering
Tyre 7.00R16
Others Front/rear stabilizer bar


Air conditioner
Non-independent air conditioning(optional)
Seat Dedicated seats (non-adjustable)
Door Manual folding passenger door
Window Side windows (upper part with glass stuck and lower part with push-pull aluminum frame) (with a push-pull aluminum-frame-type window for the driver, and lower part with glass stuck and upper part with push-pull aluminum frame for the rear windows on both sides)
AV system Radio
Rear-view mirror Luxurious and long tie-rod type backup mirror
Floor Artificial leather wear-resistant flooring
Others Ladder-type rear luggage compartment