“Certified” by Global Media, Higer Renews Bus Service “Olympic Standard”

In the evening of February 20, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was officially closed and the fireworks in bloom formed the text “ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY” above the “Bird's Nest Stadium”. This moment with blooming fireworks was a memory of farewell and also the final “Concluding moment” for Higer Winter Olympics service team.

The gathering and the evacuation of the closing ceremony were the main events for Winter Olympics traffic service guarantee. After 4 hours from the conclusion of closing ceremony on February 20, all Higer buses for the Winter Olympics traffic service completed the tasks and returned to stations. After the safety inspection and warehousing, Higer Winter Olympics service team was finally relieved.

The Deputy Director of Higer Customer Service Department Xu Maowu said that all personnel for the traffic service were really excited, “We did it! Nearly 500 service vehicles successfully completed the transport guarantee tasks assigned by Winter Olympics Organizing Committee with zero actual operation failure, without any delay, vehicle breakdown, or complaint!”

Throughout this Winter Olympics, Higer buses accumulatively drove 750,000km, completed 13,000 transport tasks, and transported 325,000 passengers-times. With zero failure, zero delay, and zero complaint, Higer renewed the “Olympic standard” of bus service and was“Certified” by the global media.

Renewed “Olympic standard” with most difficult service test

In the world’s tough anti-pandemic movement, Beijing Winter Olympics achieved perfect results in both pandemic prevention and the hosting of Winter Olympics. The closed-loop traffic service thereof was one important link for the successful hosting of this Winter Olympics.

The traffic service for Beijing Winter Olympics was undoubtfully the industry’s highest standard. Meanwhile, the service vehicles, mainly composed of battery electric vehicles, needed to overcome the tests of low temperature, wind, snow, and other difficulties. Higer, who provided the traffic guarantee service for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, customized the upgraded “Olympic standard” for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

As early as in 2021, Higer launched the Beijing Winter Olympics service guarantee project. The work team, composed of responsible leader and key business staff, was divided to 4 special work groups, namely field service, parts guarantee, emergency response, and personnel training, totaling more than 30 persons. On January 1, 2022, the service fleet performed nighttime vehicle drill. On January 6, the full-time service personnel entered into closed-loop management area to provide services.

Compared with 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Higer achieved continuous technologic upgrade, higher product quality, and more partners and accumulated more mature service experiences to realize more sufficient preparations and better service quality in the guarantee scheme and spare parts reserve.

Since the start of pre-event guarantee service in January, 2022 to the closing of Beijing Winter Paralympics in the middle of March, this traffic service guarantee task lasted for more than 70 days. It can be said as the longest and coldest service guarantee task for the significant events in recent years.

Through the close cooperation among the teams inside and outside of the closed-loop management area and the backend supporting team, nearly 500 Higer buses lived up to the expectation and withstood the severe tests of two large-scale snowing and low temperature weathers in Beijing on January 20 and February 13 respectively and finally wonthe stage victory in the service task for Beijing Winter Olympics.

Winning of “Global certification” from media by timely shuttling service

Samaranch once said: “The media is the final judge for the successful hosting of Olympic Games.”

During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Higer battery electric buses within the closed-loop management area undertook the traffic service over 30 routes for nearly 10 stations and transported the reporters from a number of global media from the stations to the stadiums.

It’s reported that, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the media reporters had to take the special traffic tools, such as bus, to shuttle among the stadiums within Winter Olympics closed-loop management area.

Only the shuttle buses of high departure frequency and on-time delivery could help reporters timely arrive at thestadiums, shorten the dwelling time of reporters in the waiting areas, and guarantee the safe riding spacing.

The customer reflected that, no matter the normal daytime transport routes or the return peak of nighttime media reporters, Higer buses realized zero failure during actual operations and could transport the passengers safely and timely to the designated locations and sites. It’s worth of praise.

Mr. Xu said: “The media reporters are well-informed passengers with ‘magnifying glass’. We deeply feel the heavy responsibility providing traffic guarantee service for this group. Through timely checking, advance treatment, and quick handling, Higer buses never countered any delay, vehicle breakdown, or complaint during the Beijing Winter Olympics. It can be said that Higer was successfully ‘Certified’ by the global media.”

Intelligent transport for “Olympic spirit" of “Strive for a stronger and better self”

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation won 9 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals, ranking 3rd in the gold medal list and setting a new record in the history of China's participation in the Winter Olympics.

In fact, the Olympic spirit also inspired Higer to continuously challenge the limits and surpass itself and won"gold medals" in the bus field.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Higer KLQ6121, KLQ6127 and other electric vehicles and the new industry-leading KLQ6127 hydrogen fuel coaches with installed high power reactor collectively served the media, athletes, volunteers, and masses.

Higer’s continuously upgraded G-BOS intelligent operation system combined with 5G big data to achieve accurate positioning, real-time monitoring, identification and warning and effectively cooperate with the Winter Olympics traffic commanding system. The continuous pursuit of excellent results of these Higer buses supported the concept implementation of the High-Tech Winter Olympics, the Intelligent Winter Olympics, and the Green Winter Olympics and fully emerged the "Wisdom of China".

From the Beijing Olympic Games to theBeijing Winter Olympics, from the World Expo to the International Import Expo, from the Asian Games to the World Cup, Higer repeatedly shouldered heavy responsibilities, successfully completed the task with high-quality service performance, and outshined on the international stage on behalf of the continuously innovating Chinese buses.