Higer After-Sales Service Team to Ensure the Smooth Operation of Nearly 400 Units Higer Buses for 2022 Winter Olympic Games

       On January 12, the organizing committee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games held its first online press conference, announcing all preparation work has already been completed. Higer after-sales service team has already arrived at various operation venues to ensure the smooth operation of nearly 400 units hydrogen fuel cell or electricity powered Higer buses, including Scania Higer luxury coaches, etc.

       On January 1, Higer held a service drill at night. So far, all after-sales service engineers have all arrived in place to ensure the smooth operation of all Higer buses & coaches. In addition, Higer has compiled a service checklist and its G-BOS intelligent operation system monitors the operation data of its buses & coaches in real-time.

       “The low temperature is the major factor that may affect the smooth operation of our buses. We do our utmost to make sure that they stand the test of the extreme cold”, said one after-sales engineer from Higer.

       “All (Higer) buses & coaches have already gone through several rounds of health check-ups. And more spare parts have been delivered to the nearest warehouse in case of emergencies”, revealed Sun Haifeng, the manager in charge of the after-sales service from Higer.