7250×2270×2760(3000) mm

Посадочные места

28/25+1, 26+1

номинальная полная масса

5000(5110) kg

A new-generation high-end Higer buses, whichhave novel and fashionable appearance and meanwhile focus on the comfort forpassengers and controllability for drivers. They are used in tourism,long-distance passenger transportation and business reception. After itslaunching, it has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions. It makesa bold breakthrough in whole shape and reflects the beauty of ingenuity indetails and Higer' s persistent pursuit of product quality.

Основные сведения о внешнем дизайне

Large luggage compartment

High chassis, goodvisibility, fuel economy

Dynamic and pretty shape, with a sense ofmodernity

Основные сведения о салоне

proinfo8.jpg proinfo9.jpg

The seats are spaciousand comfortable

Classic interior iswidely used for transportation

Various vehicle interiors are available for yourchoice


Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Front/rear wheel track(mm) 1830/1600
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1200/2250
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 160
Approach / departure angle ° 15.5/12.5
Rated total mass(kg) 7300
Maximum vehicle speed(km/h) 105
Maximum gradeability % 30
Fuel tank capacity(L) 110


Engine YC4FA130-30 (130hp, China III) /CY4102-C3C (120hp, China III)
Diaphragm spring clutch
Gearbox Home-made 5-speed gearbox
Suspension Taper leaf spring
Front axle 3T Drum-type front axle
Rear axle 4.5T Disc-type rear axle
Steering Power steering
Tyre 7.00R16
Others Front/rear stabilizer bar


Air conditioner
Non-independent air conditioning(optional)
Seat Dedicated seats (non-adjustable)
Door Manual folding passenger door
Window Side windows (upper part with glass stuck and lower part with push-pull aluminum frame) (with a push-pull aluminum-frame-type window for the driver, and lower part with glass stuck and upper part with push-pull aluminum frame for the rear windows on both sides)
AV system Radio
Rear-view mirror Luxurious and long tie-rod type backup mirror
Floor Artificial leather wear-resistant flooring
Others Ladder-type rear luggage compartment